Valerian Root – Benefits of Valerian and Identification

The Valerian plants value lies in its root

The Valerian Plant is fairly easy to identify, once you have done so you can extract the root from the plant in order to make use of its properties.

Valerian Plant

It flowers between the months of June – September.

Benefits of Valerian Root:

The biggest benefit of the root is its sedative properties. The root can be used to treat insomnia and anxiety. You don’t even have to have insomnia to make use of this plant. It can be used just to improve your sleep quality in general. There is certainly no harm in improving your sleep using Valerian, I’d recommend it even. I do so because of all the hazards to our sleep health, such as blue light from devices. Taking Valerian before bed can help counter the effect of the blue light and help you sleep quicker. Though a better alternative would be not using screens before you go to bed.

Processing Valerian Root:

While you can buy Valerian supplements easily online I’d personally recommend you’d get familiar with identifying the plant and processing it yourself. The easiest way to benefit from this plant is making a simple tea from the root, while this is the least efficient form of processing it is the easiest by far. If you would like to make a better form I’d recommend you make a decoction, or even better a tincture.

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