‘The Good Tarot’ – Review of The Good Tarot deck

the good tarot review tarot cards deck

Today I will review a tarot deck that I own and that is The Good Tarot deck. I actually got this deck on amazon, I was browsing amazon for tarot decks and this one really called out to me so I decided that I would get it. The factors that drew me most to it was the art and the focus on ‘goodness’.

Why The Good Tarot is different from other decks.. in a good way

In my opinion the thing that I love most about this deck is instead of your typical suits, like the Tarot suit of cups. This deck uses an element system, so you have fire, water, air and Earth. Of course you still have your major arcana too. This appeals a lot to me personally as somebody who is very interested in the elements. I am also somebody who has a lot of fire in their natal chart too, which isn’t so relevant to tarot.

If you already own a tarot deck and are looking for a new one I would especially recommend this deck. You already have a more traditional deck I would assume. So why not spice it up with something a little bit different like this deck? As you get a feel for the deck you will know what sort of readings you would prefer to use it for. Like any divination tool there’s a lot to be said about the energy in which you can draw from it. If your looking for something more in tune with good energies then this is the deck for you.

Review of the tarot deck for beginners

I absolutely recommend this deck for beginners. For the sole reason you will be less inclined to use the art alone in order to tell your reading. The focus will be more so on intuition and the meaning of the card. Which in my opinion is a far more valuable reading than simply just interpreting the art of the card.

So if you are interested in this deck, you can find it on Amazon. It’s also available in order places too, just google it and you will find it.

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