Simple home remedy for minor headache to try before Advil

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Here is some simple home remedy for minor headache that you can try. Just a disclaimer, if you are experiencing common headaches, migraines etc please seek medical attention. A headache from tiredness or staring at a screen too long is bothersome, but if you experience headaches often there could be more pressing medical issues at hand. This is not a medical article, it is simply an anecdotal remedy.

Mint Aroma / Peppermint/Spearmint Tea

The best option here to remedy a simple headache is the aroma of the essential oils from the leafs of the peppermint plant itself, spearmint works too, whichever you have available is the best option. You can purchase essential oils for the plants in lots of places, alternatively if you own a peppermint plant, (which I recommend because they are very easy to maintain and provide lots of mintyness) you can crush up the leafs of the plant in order to release the essential oil aroma.

Alternatively you can use a store bought dried-leaf Peppermint or Spearmint Tea in order to receive the relief of the essential oils, though this is the least effective method.

By using the Feverfew Herb

The next simple home remedy for minor headache is a Feverfew tea. Feverfew is a very common plant throughout the world. Historically used for the treatment of migraines. You can buy Feverfew in a supplementary form, made from the dried leaves of the Feverfew plant. An alternative option is a tea. Feverfew supplements are an easier method of ingestion. But if you would like to enjoy a nice cup of tea you can always take the second option.

We have an article on Feverfew that you can read. If you are interested on how to identify this wildflower, and its benefits and uses.

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