Lenormand Cards vs Tarot Cards for telling the future

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This is my personal opinion on why I prefer to use Lenormand Cards vs Tarot Cards. I own a deck of both card types and from usage I am much more in tuned with the Lenormand Cards. While Tarot cards are really great, most query’s are relatively simple. So simple that a basic Lenormand reading is all it takes to answer the query.

Major Differences: Lenormand Cards vs Tarot

The first major difference is the size, Lenormand decks are 36 cards in size versus the 78 cards of a tarot deck. You’d think the decreased size would make Lenormand readings less accurate or something, but that’s not the case. I find Lenormand readings to be very accurate, more so because the simplistic nature of the cards, and their art makes the focus more on the intuition aspect of the reading.

Which brings me on to the second major difference, the art. Lenormand Cards consist of very simplistic art. Versus Tarot Cards which have very beautiful, grand art. Normally you can get lost in the cards art when telling a reading and get completely lost intuition wise. The whole point of the Lenormand simplicity is the ability to focus 100% of meaning and intuition. Which makes for a better result if you use crystals for example to boost your intuition.

Minor Differences: Lenormand Cards vs Tarot

The only real noteworthy difference is the actual physical size of the cards. While there exists cards of all sizes. Generally when it comes to Lenormand Cards they are fairly small in comparison to the much larger Tarot Cards. Because of this size difference they are very easy to have around at all times. Much like a box of playing cards, Lenormand Cards are (generally) small and compact. This is my second favourite reason to use this deck, after the simplistic art style. For sure sometimes I like to look at the beautiful art of my tarot deck, why wouldn’t I?

Thank you for reading this post, I hope I was able to deliver the correct facts to answer your queries. While you’re hear why don’t you check out the other articles, not only is there divination related articles, but also articles on herbalism.

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