How to learn Tarot Cards for future telling

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How to learn tarot cards fairly easily without spending up too much energy. The only problem with learning tarot in the beginning is not knowing how or where to start. There isn’t exactly a correct place to start, but there’s a correct method, or at least a couple. Spending your energy doing large spreads as a beginner will just make you tired and you will give up easier. Instead try the first too methods first, and only the last for revision/low energy days.

Random Card Draw

Of the physical card methods on how to learn tarot cards, this requires the least energy and is least likely to tire you out too quickly. All you have to do is shuffle your deck and draw a random card from it. The key is not to use intuition to draw or anything of the like. You just simply, mindlessly draw a card. Once you have a card drawn check to see what card it is, your deck most likely came with a guide book for each card, so find the card you drew and study it from the guide book. Alternatively you could look the card up online if you do not have a guide book.

The idea is to completely familiarise yourself with that card before you go drawing another, so take note of what card you drew. Once you have it noted and you have read up on it completely you may draw another. Each day be sure to revise the cards that you have drawn, this is why you take note of them. You will forget the meanings if you do not revise the cards. Once you are familiar with the ‘standard’ meaning of the cards you will likely start intuitively reading them without having to refer to a guide.

Three Card Readings

This is a higher energy method of learning tarot cards. I would only recommend you move onto three card readings after you are confident in knowing a decent portion of your deck. Now what one considers ‘decent’ is relatively subjective, so take this at your own pace. There’s no set number of cards to move on. More so the confidence in your own abilities and knowledge is required. Three card readings are not a substitute for random card draws though. Because you are doing an actual reading you will find yourself growing more tired doing this method. Only supplement this into your practice routine.

Using a Mobile App

The final method on how to learn tarot cards is by using a mobile app. This is not the greatest method at all, you will not become a great reader through a mobile app. This is only a supplement for when you cannot use physical cards. For example instead of mindlessly browsing Reddit on a commute, instead you can be learning cards. If you are truly passionate about learning Tarot this would be more appealing to you than browsing social media.

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