Herbalism 101 – An introduction to starting Herbalism

If you wish to learn all there is about herbalism then this is the place for you!

Herbalism is a fairly easy skill to grasp, and only a few plants can make a huge difference knowledge wise. Learn the plants you think most suitable to your situation using our very handy category system!

On this site the focus is mostly on European plants, breaking down their uses and providing evidence on their behalf. The purpose is to hopefully restore peoples passion for nature’s remedies which are aplenty. The reliance on modern medications have made people more ill than anything. What use are you to yourself, or even your family if you do not have but a basic knowledge of this fine land in which you live?

There are many basic skills in which any man should know, metalworking, woodworking, construction to name a few, but herbalism is just as important, not only to distinguish food from not, but medicine from poison too. In a world in which a societal collapse poison is definitely no harm to have! Though in this perfectly fine modern society /s I advice you only learn poisonous plants to avoid their consumption!

Common Healing Plants:

If you would like to read on the most common healing plants be sure to check out this category. It is also divided into various healing properties for your sake! All plants are categorised and tagged for convenience.

Common Poison Plants:

If you’re going to be picking wild plants you need to make sure you know what can kill you, please for your own safety double check and make sure that the plant you are picking is correct. Always refer back to this category if you are having doubts, you can even use tags to help you with your search.

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Author: Volkisch