Feverfew Herb – How to identify Feverfew

daisy like flowers of the feverfew herb

Feverfew holds most of its value in it’s leafs

The Feverfew Herb, a daisy like plant is very common and surprisingly easy to identify. Not only that but its use medicinally goes back quite a long time as a traditional treatment.

Feverfew Herb

It flowers between the months of June – September.

You can identify this plant easily through its daisy like appearance, the plant grows tall with its flowers shooting out. The leaves of the Feverfew plant are bright green with stalks and of a lobed shape.

Benefits from using the herb:

Feverfew has been used traditionally as a treatment for migraines. With its anti-inflammatory properties migraines isn’t the only usage for Feverfew. It may also be able to reduce the inflammation and pain caused by toothaches, arthritis and stomach aches. Though it is best used in the treatment for headaches/migraines.

How to process and consume it:

While you can buy Feverfew supplements easily online I’d personally recommend you’d get familiar with identifying the plant and processing it yourself. The easiest way to benefit from this plant is making a simple tea from the leafs of the plant. You can make a tea from it alone, or you can make a tea from mixed herbs. I would recommend for this plant to combine it with Peppermint. Because Peppermint also has an effect on headaches. Peppermint is also a very nice tasting herb too if you don’t want to use sugar for example.

The leaves may also be used in a salad or a sandwich. They are greenery’s after all, so there’s nothing stopping you from tossing them into your salad bowl, or enjoying it with a sandwich topping of your choice. If you are going to consume the leaves of this plant be sure to wash them thoroughly. Consuming wild plants is not recommended because they could be home to any sort of bacteria or critters.

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