The Benefits of Spirituality on Humans

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The most important benefits of spirituality is the guide it gives us in life. It is not as material/earthly like the other elements of longevity. The spiritual element is entirely to do with ones self, and sense of self.

It is definitely possible to live a long life without any form of spirituality but the type of life you will live is completely different. Spirituality to most people is a form of guidance, it is a set of guidelines so people can live their lives happier. Spirituality is a very general term and is not exclusive, it ranges from religious people to atheists. The main idea though is questioning.

Questioning things, and otherwise keeping our brains active is a form of prolonging the health of our brain. (Neurogenesis and learning interact to maintain a fit brain. ► Learning increases the survival of new neurons if it is difficult to achieve and successful)

This is why I think it is extremely important for people to really question things and try and learn as much as they can about everything, including spirituality. If you live your life without questioning your purpose then you will need other things to keep your brain active. Whereas if you live a life in which you are constantly questioning creation and purpose you will be constantly learning more and more and as a result your brain will continue to remain healthy

Benefits of Spirituality backed entirely by studies

The greatest thing about spirituality is that it gives us huge health benefits with numerous studies backing this, (Increasing attention to spirituality is an important trend in gerontology, human services, and health sciences. Spirituality is complex, overlaps with religion, infuses all human life, and therefore is difficult to study. Diverse methods are used in its investigation, and numerous scales measure its components. Almost all of the research reveals its significant connections with health and other aspects of well-being.) and yet we don’t understand anything about it either. It’s one of those things that there’s literally nothing for you to lose if you invest anything into it. Worst case scenario you spend more time than you intended researching various elements of spirituality. But the deeper you go into spirituality the more you gain from it as it becomes more challenging it helps keep your brain even healthier.

Non-Religious elements of spirituality

Here is a list of some of the elements of spirituality that have nothing to do with religion and are also incredibly interesting

  • Divination ( using various means for fortune telling)
    • Numerology ( numbers )
    • Cartomancy ( tarot, lenormand etc..)
    • Oneiromancy ( dreams )
    • Scrying ( crystals )
  • Astrology
  • Magick
  • Crystal Healing
  • Aromatherapy

As you can see there are numerous elements of spirituality that have nothing at all to do with religion, I recommend that you read into some of them because it is very interesting.

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