Astrology and Destiny; The curse of being born

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Astrology and Destiny are too completely different yet fairly similar things. Not everyone is a fan of Astrology I’m sure, and some even don’t believe in the concept of destiny. But I do, and I assume you do too considering you clicked on this article.

What have stars and planets got to do with destiny?

Astrology is mostly to do with ones character, their personality, traits and likely struggles and triumphs. In the grand scheme of things its influence on your destiny is fairly limited. But your character is probably the biggest influence of your destiny. You can either be on the side that destiny is fixed and unchangeable, in which case you won’t agree with me. Or alternatively that you can influence your destiny. If you are a very open minded person you are more likely to be interested in less ‘normal’ things. Such as astrology, but more so other elements of spirituality. Like divination for example.

If you can know a possible outcome then you can possibly change that. A good accurate reading only remains true so long as you stick to the current path you are taking. If you were to get a reading you dislike you could try and change it. But the only way your going to do that is if you open to the concept. Some people are more open to it than others, more than likely if you are interested in astrology your chart probably reads that you are a more open minded person, you are into the occult/the paranormal.

Can Astrology predict my destiny?

No. Your destiny is what you make of it, within reason of course. You cannot alter your destiny on a grand scale. Astrology can predict struggles you may endure, be that physical, mental or financial struggles. These can alter your destiny in minor ways, whether you choose to succumb to your struggles or beat them is your own choice. The curse of being born is that you will struggle, some people struggle a lot, others a little. It’s not about how much you struggle though, only how you deal with that struggle.

If you are interested in actually ‘predicting’ your destiny your best bet is through divination, or invocation. Astrology is a great tool, in the same aspect as MBTI is a great tool. It’s how you apply it that makes it worthwhile. You may use it to understand other people at a deeper level that they may not readily tell you. You may call this manipulative behaviour but its really not.

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