About Us

Volkisch is a site dedicated to the discussion and research of topics in relation to the spiritual realm, herbalism and ancient European religions and traditions. Despite the name we have no content in relation to the German culture. This site is not associated with ‘German Volkisch Movement’. Volkisch is just a cool sounding name.

If you are interested in learning about Spirituality, and starting your journey into the hobby then this is the place for you. We have lots of articles on all aspects of Spirituality and we will continue to explore it in its fullest. Not only that but we have articles on herbalism too. Because we believe that it is everyone’s duty to be close to nature. To learn nature for all it’s beauty and flaws.

Divination is probably my favourite element of Spirituality. That is followed by Astrology which is my current second favourite element. Though my favourites do definitely change as I learn more and more about the subject.